Helpful tooltips

We’ve added a new “Welcome to Chapoo” tooltip panel to help new users get up to speed quickly. If you are new to Chapoo, this panel will pop up on your first visit to a project. It will also appear the first time you launch a Chapoo app.

The idea? To make a new user’s experience great. We’ll take them through a profile update, then introduce them to the key functional areas of Chapoo. We’ll deliver an introduction to the Dashboard app, the Structure app, and the Project Tree. Also, we’ll dive down into the use of the actions menu and the unique, graphical document inspector.

The core applications: address book, calendar, the task app and messages all have their own tips panels. And the advanced tools in Chapoo, like the workflows app and the form designer, also use these new tooltip panels to introduce key concepts to new users.

So, you say that you’re an old hat at Chapoo? You can discover these handy tips yourself. Just click on the Help icon in the right upper-corner of your Chapoo screen. Enjoy!


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