Synchronize folders with Chapoo Transfer

 Advantages of using synchronizations:

  • Settings saved in memory, no need to drag and drop every time.
    Just click once.
  • Faster than normal transfers, only changes are transferred.
  • No overrides, no data is ever lost.
  • Guarantee that everything at the source will also be available at the destination

Chapoo Transfer synchronizations can be set up by dragging and dropping folders from left to right and vice versa. This will open the default up- and download dialogs as usual. These dialogs now contain a new option “Save this transfer as synch”.


For the download dialog you can also select “Include list of documents” to also download an xls containing all documents with their metadata. And for the upload dialog you can input a default description and document status.


Download now, it’s free!

Public Sharing

Public sharing in Chapoo is easy. In just a few clicks you can share any of your project’s files or documents with people who aren’t on the project.

  1. Make sure your admin rights are set correctly: go to folder access and check ‘share’ for the item you like to share. Still no access? Ask the project’s admin.social2
  2. Go to your item in the project (you can find the share action in the Project Hover Bar or dropdown when selected).
  3. Click the Public sharing slider in the Share Dialog. You can now send a message, pick a Social Media channel or copy the generated URL!


Give it a try

This feature is particularly handy if you want to share a document with people who aren’t on the project. Anyone who has the URL can open the document in the viewer (without them having to login on the project).

Note: You can always turn off Public Sharing. Just click the slider in the share dialog. After you turn it off the link will not work anymore. Watch out: If you re-share (Turn share on > Turn share off > Turn share on) a new URL will be generated, different from the one generated the first time.

Happy sharing!


Discontinuing the old interface

As announced, we’ve discontinued the old Chapoo. We hope you and your users discovered our new user-friendly interface.

This new release brings also new features and improvements:

Enterprise improvements


  • Enterprise administrators can now control the limits of their project sizes in the Project Select App.
  • Enterprise administrators are able to add or remove users across their projects. This is particulary handy if you need to move around or remove multiple users in one go.

Improvements for all users

  • Customize columns in the Document List View.
  • The new Workflow Viewer gives you a better overview of your workflow progress. Editing workflows has never been easier.


Old interface discontinues soon

On Nov 29, 2014, we have launched a complete new Chapoo interface. By now, this interface is used by the vast majority of our users. We hope you discovered this new interface as well and hope you are – just like us – convinced of its user-friendliness and its extended functionalities.

To streamline our developments and to make sure we can fully focus on new Chapoo features and improvements in a modern, intuitive interface, we will discontinue the old interface starting February 6, 2016.

Users who are still using the old interface can consult the new help or read the Chapoo blog to familiarize themselves with the new interface.

Edit your personal details and settings in Chapoo

To edit your personal details and settings, click on the profile picture in the top-left corner of the Chapoo screen.

  • Edit personal details
    • Edit or fill in your personal details, picture, address and/or contact details
    • Change your password.
    • Choose your interface language.
  • Stop task notifications
    If you do not want to get an e-mail notification for new tasks.
  • Send me a daily overview
    If you want a daily mail with all your notifications.
  • Folder subscription overview
    When you subscribe to a folder, you will get a notification mail when something changes (upload, revision, …) in this folder