The Future of Collaboration Gets a New Name: Bricsys 24/7

We would like to announce a big change happening to Chapoo. In about one month, we will rename Chapoo to Bricsys 24/7, introducing a new user interface and new features. Everything you loved about Chapoo will still be available in Bricsys 24/7. You’ll be able to get your work done, as usual. In the meanwhile, we’ve upgraded the in-product help to ensure fast answers to important questions.

Chapoo has always been a daughter company of Bricsys, global provider of .dwg-based CAD engineering software BricsCAD. The rebranding is the first step in a much bigger development that will be available in Bricsys 24/7. In addition to the existing Chapoo functionality, Bricsys 24/7 will be a full cloud based BIM solution.

So, making the change is the right choice for us. Standing still is going backwards. We want to keep going forward, and choosing to move Chapoo under the Bricsys brand is a big step in that direction. The name Bricsys 24/7 is simply a better name for our product.

Administrators can now set default meta data per folder

Administrators can now predefine a folder’s meta data. Normally, every time a user uploads a file to Chapoo, he fills in pre-structured information – meta data – about the document. He selects for example the document type, discipline and floor. Once the user has filled in the form and uploaded the file, a record of the form will be saved and attached to the document.

Now this process can be automated by the administrator by creating a new folder with the meta data already included. So, each time a file is uploaded the right meta data is automatically attached.

How to do this?

First, go to the Administration app. Then, click on Structure. Next, you can add an existing form to the chosen folder. You should have already created the form in the forms app. As a result, users can now upload files to the folder and the meta data is added automatically to the file.

The benefits of adding Meta data

1. Advanced search

Use the advanced search of the filled in forms to find a document. For example: Search for Plan (Document type), Electrical (Discipline) of the third floor. This really comes in handy if you don’t know exactly where the plan is stored on Chapoo.

2. Search through the records

You can search through the records of the filled in form in the Form Viewer.

3. Automatically generate a name

Optionally generate a name for the document based on the filled in form.