Helpful tooltips

We’ve added a new “Welcome to Chapoo” tooltip panel to help new users get up to speed quickly. If you are new to Chapoo, this panel will pop up on your first visit to a project. It will also appear the first time you launch a Chapoo app.

The idea? To make a new user’s experience great. We’ll take them through a profile update, then introduce them to the key functional areas of Chapoo. We’ll deliver an introduction to the Dashboard app, the Structure app, and the Project Tree. Also, we’ll dive down into the use of the actions menu and the unique, graphical document inspector.

The core applications: address book, calendar, the task app and messages all have their own tips panels. And the advanced tools in Chapoo, like the workflows app and the form designer, also use these new tooltip panels to introduce key concepts to new users.

So, you say that you’re an old hat at Chapoo? You can discover these handy tips yourself. Just click on the Help icon in the right upper-corner of your Chapoo screen. Enjoy!


Discover our new Details Dialog

We’ve updated the document details dialog box. The re-design gives you a clearer view of all your document’s details.

You can preview the basics in the Info tab. Want an overview of all revisions, or do you want to revert to a previous version? Check out the Revisions tab.

Finally, the new Communications tab centralizes all annotations, notes, notifications and workflow status messages in one place, chronologically.


Set access rights for administrators

A Chapoo administrator can now set access rights for each individual administrator in the Admin access (part of the administrator app). This way an administrator can limit the rights of one or more administrators.

Let’s say you want someone to be in charge of adding new users, but you don’t want that the person can change the structure, access rights , empty the recycle bin, … Then this new feature will come in handy.

The project owner will always have control over the Admin access feature. He/she will be in charge and is able to give other administrators the rights to the Admin access.


New features and improvements

New Form editor and viewer*
Simple drag-and-drop wizards help you to define forms in the new form editor. The new form choices field allows you to reuse existing data in a dropdown.

New Form editor _ Meta dataForm as a database

* only for Enterprise customers

Import Project*

More options are available when importing a project.New Import project

* only for Enterprise customers

Consult meta data in a Document Folder
Select Metadata as a column in your document folder.Meta data as a column

Easily consult task history
Easily consult the comments of an other participant in the task history of a workflow-task.New Task History

Consult your folder acces
Get more information about your access rights in the Folder info.Folder Access Rights

Edit the subject of a Notification 
Edit Send notification subject



Create a report of document information

If you want to generate a document information report (Document details, Revisions, Meta data, Workflow information,…)  of a selection of documents or of all documents in multiple folders, you can perform the “Download list” action. This functionality can be found in different places in Chapoo. You can select which information you want to download to an excel list.

  • If you want an overview of a few documents, select them and click “Download list”.

Download List - Select documents

  • If you want an overview of al documents from one or more folders, you can select the folders in the “Project info” screen and click “Download list”.

Project info - Download list Project Info